Sweet little old lady follows crazy short man, drinks fountain of youth water, falls back in time, and meets her favorite fictional characters. Sound interesting? Not to her. She has amnesia, only remembers that these were storybook characters, and doesn’t know who she was before she woke up in the 18th century. Using nothing but her wit and wiles...give or take a knife or two...she gets herself out of predicaments. Kidnappers, creeps, and cougars challenge her, but her new ‘fictional’ family becomes hers, too.


My life now—that was all I knew. What was it like before my fall? Did I live in a big house, or in a hovel? Did I have a husband and children? If I had a family, did they miss me, and were they trying to find me? Why did Ian, whom I loved so much, still seem so different from me? Was the rest of his family like him, clever in the backwoods ways, but ignorant of modern life? Where were the paved roads, planes, and power lines in this part of the country? Where was I that plastic bottles, zippers, and battery-powered lights were unheard of? And why was Ian always trying to get me to believe my gear was from Italy? I didn’t know anything about the local geography, but New Bern sounded like the name of a city to me, not just a collection of cabins. Come to think of it, though, I’ve never even seen a cabin here. I was beginning to feel like I was in the Twilight Zone. Now I just wished I knew what the Twilight Zone was.

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