The Great Big Fairy (Book 4)


6’7” time traveler Benji wants to return to the 18th century. He has heard about other time travelers and is looking to hitch a ride back with them. What he doesn’t know, though, is that he’s supposed to a fictional character...

Billy stood up and his eyes widened as they watched the man duck his head in order to enter his office. He wasn’t the tallest man he had ever seen—he had met a couple of the gangly basketball players with the Hornets—but he was the biggest in terms of being a proportionately built man. Billy quickly tipped his head down when he realized he was staring. He walked around to the front of his desk and shook the hand of the huge man with auburn red hair. He glanced up again and the gentle giant grinned and whispered, “Six seven,” as if sharing a secret.

Billy pointed to the chair, offering his congenial new acquaintance a place to sit, then walked back around his desk, touching its surface as much for reassurance that he was awake as for physical support lest he fall down from shock. He sat down slowly in his seat, head bowed down, concentrating on the desktop. He didn’t think he could make the transition from standing to sitting while looking into the face of the big man.

“I didn’t mean to stare,” Billy apologized as he looked up again. “It’s just you remind me of someone. All you’re missing is the Scots accent.” Billy couldn’t help but think of the man’s resemblance to Jody Pomeroy of the Lost novels. If James and Leah had just gone back to his time, the 18th century, could it be that Jody Pomeroy had come back here, to this time? He fought back the urge to shake his head ‘no’ in answer to his own unspoken question and smiled nervously.

“Weel, I guess I lost a bit of the accent since I’ve been back here in North Carolina. Now, that bein’ said, are ye the one to talk to about Leah and Evie?”

“Who are you?” Billy asked incredulously before he answered the Jody look-alike’s question.

“I’m sorry. I dinna introduce myself. I’m Benjamin MacKay, but ye can call me Benji.”

Billy nodded his head slowly in answer to Benji’s question about being familiar with Leah and Evie. He didn’t even try to talk lest the sounds come out as the ‘baa, baa, babble’ that were coursing through his brain. He’d read all the Lisa Sinclaire novels at least once. Benji was Jody Pomeroy’s grandson, and was now sitting in front of him, all grown up. He was supposed to be a fictional character!

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