About Me


Name: Dani Haviland
Age: Not polite to ask
Birthday: Dec, 29
Location: Alaska & Oregon
Best Friend: My husband (Marty)


All-Time Favorites

  • Movies:
  • Western comedies from North to Alaska to Shanghai Noon. John Wayne & Jackie Chan: My men
  • Music:
  • Flogging Molly, Dvorak with Beatles, Joshua Bell, Queen and Toby Keith to round out the mix.
  • Food:
  • Mexican food, PBJ's, General Tso's Chicken.
  • Places:
  • Antywhere with fresh air and nice people

The story of my inspiration

Yes, it's true. Just like the woman in the first chapter of 'Naked in the Winter Wind','
I really was given a historical romance novel as a Christmas gift. My eldest daughter
sent it along with a little homemade gift tag that said the story was about the world 
perfect man. I read and I read 'till the 'Outlander' stories ran out, and then
encourage by Diana Gabaldon, decided to try my hand with my own character and storyline.



At 25 I sold tractors, tools, books and roses

My other websites



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