About Me

Dani Haviland loves pretties and kind people.

Okay, if you really want to know more about Dani, here goes:
Although born a Connecticut Yankee, Dani Haviland grew up in The Valley of the Sun (Scottsdale, Mesa, Gilbert, Tempe, Chandler), Arizona, then moved to Alaska and started her own business, selling tractors, tools, and hardy rose plants. The long Alaskan winters were perfect for writing novels, so she became both author and publisher. The Fairies Saga consists of four novels (three of them rather lengthy) and several novellas dealing with Evie, the rejuvenated accidental time traveler, and her friends and family, some of whom are the ‘fictional’ characters of a popular romance series.

In 2015, she semi-retired, bouncing back and forth from Alaska to Oregon (with its longer growing season). That year, she was asked to work with other authors in box sets of romance novels and novellas. Several new themes — including a new romantic suspense series ‘Arlie Undercover’— have arisen from these sets. She has been in over a dozen box sets (some now retired) with other authors. Take a look at these sets and see if there’s a new author you’d like to follow!