Aye, I am a Fairy – The Fairies Saga Book 2

Time travel can’t be real…can it? There had to be another explanation.

Leah’s mother had disappeared a year ago, then suddenly reappeared looking forty years younger. She vanished again, but this time, left behind her solar-powered smartphone. Was Leah brave enough to look for clues on it? And where had Mom disappeared to? Again. Maybe Lord James Melbourne, the man who called Leah out of the blue,could help. He claimed to have vital information and was definitely a hottie, seemed sweet and generous, but he wasn’t who she thought he was.

**Note: The books in The Fairies Saga are numbered for historical sequence only. Each is a stand alone story. If you decide you want to know more about a character: where they came from or where they eventually wound up, check out your book’s number and go from there! (Much like the Star Wars movies)

The Fairies Saga, tales of time travelers and their friends and family who bounce between the present day and the 18th century, interacting with the ‘fictional’ characters of the ‘Lost’ romance novels. Revenge, intrigue, and passion were never so sweet.

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“This author has the ability to pull you into the story with excellent use of dialect, wonderful descriptions, and other techniques that bring her stories to life. if you love romance and fantasy, you’re going to love this book.” A. Brantly, Amazon review