Dances Naked – The Fairies Saga Book 3

Life was not easy in the 18th century. Evil men weren’t just strangers- sometimes they were family. Hopefully, they’d get their comeuppance. Follow pitiful Rachel as she gets a ‘real’ life by joining the Cherokee, along with two other white folks.

Adventure, mystery, a tad of humor, a pinch or two of romance, and well researched history. Not your typical time travel novel.

<><> Lord Marty Melbourne has traveled from present day back to 1781. Now hopelessly lost in Cherokee territory, North Carolina, his troubles increase when he’s assaulted and robbed by the callous Grant MacLeod. Life becomes even more complicated with the arrival of a Cherokee hunting party. The chief wonders if this crazy white man, who he calls Dances Naked, could be Nûñnë’hĩ, an eternal one…a fairy.

Marty and two very different women voluntarily join the Indian tribe for different reasons, but Marty still wants to go home. He makes his desires known to the chief, a man of few words. But, Red Shirt needs to make use of the crazy white man before leading him to The Trees, the bad medicine place that swallowed up his younger brother years ago.

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