Naked in the Winter Wind – The Fairies Saga Book 1

Imagine falling right into the middle of your favorite historical romance story…and getting a thinner, rejuvenated body at the same time. That might sound ideal, but dealing with cougars, creeps, and kidnappers isn’t.

Join 20th century-born Evie as she deals with the hardships of living in the backwoods or Revolutionary War era North Carolina while dealing with a severe case of AMNESIA, being ABANDONED by the man who claimed her as his wife, and ADOPTIONS, using nothing but her wit and grit, give or take a knife or two…and the smartphone that hitched a ride with her from the 21st century!

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“This book had it all, with romance, anger, hate, love, magic potions going back thousands of years, and master time travellers. The ending had me gripping the Kindle and a late – late night.
Don’t rush it – savour it. Highly Recommended”. Katy Walters, Amazon review