Never Too Young: True Love is Ageless – The Fairies Saga

Read more about Jenny and Scout from The Fairies Saga in this novella set several years after NAKED IN THE WINTER WIND and THE LITTLE DRUMMER BOY.

Post-Revolutionary War North Carolina: Jenny and Scout were married the ‘Indian way’ as pre-adolescents. The young couple knew it was true love and were willing to wait a few years to share their special gift with each other and be ‘completely’ married. In the meantime, Jenny would live with her newly adopted parents and their triplet children, and Scout would work where he could. He wanted to have a ‘proper’ home to offer his wife and was willing to work where and however long needed for it. What he didn’t plan was to be taken advantage of. Would his wife forgive him? And how would he be able to support her without a nest egg?

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“What pure fun and romance! If you want a book full of whimsy and hilarity along with one feisty ahem I mean sassy lol heroine and one sweet loving hero the kind that is into death do us part and happy ever afters then greab this book for it does all of these and I have to add this to my Now fav Dani Haviland book! Thanks for the fun Dani!” MistiRobin Amazon review