The Bear & the Ladies – The Fairies Book 3.5

-~-1780s North Carolina-~-Rachel and Morning Star, two white women living with the Cherokee, are happy…until Hessian mercenaries arrive and turn their world inside out. Death would be better than what these hired soldiers have planned for them and the others. A clever trapper known as Little Bear arrives with something else in mind. Maybe he can save the day.

Get ready to escape to 18th century North Carolina, but bring your blanket: it’s winter and times are rough. And watch out for mercenaries!

*Stand alone novella, but also great to read as a follow-up story after DANCES NAKED, third book in The Fairies Saga

**The books in The Fairies Saga are numbered for historical sequence only. Each is a stand alone story. If you decide you want to know more about a character: where they came from or where they eventually wound up, check out your book’s number and go from there! (Much like the Star Wars movies)

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