The Great Big Fairy – The Fairies Saga Book 4

He knew time travel was real. He’d been born ‘back then’ and come back, and now wanted to go back again.

Benji has just found out about a new way to travel back in time. How soon can he get back to the 18th century and will he find happiness there or more challenges?

This book contains the stories that occur both before and after THE BARTERED WOMAN, part of the boxed set MYSTIC LOVERS (now unpublished).

(Please note: this is not a children’s story)
The Great Big Fairy ~ Fourth book in the time traveling series THE FAIRIES SAGA, stories with a balanced mix of mystery, history, and fantasy, with a tad of romance, a dash of violence, and a pinch of humor added to enhance your reading experience.

THE FAIRIES SAGA ~ Time travelers: fairies, according to the auld folk, people who suddenly showed up in strange clothes, confused about where they were, and without friends or family. Fairies either kept quiet and adapted to their new time period…or went insane.

Bounce between the present day and the 18th century, survive mobs and mayhem, using nothing but grit and guts, give or take a knife of two.

Revenge, intrigue, and passion with a light-hearted twist.

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